Los Angeles Kids Gather to Protect Oceans From Plastic Pollution


Instead of plastic litter, the beach was strewn with happy kids.

Thursday, May 19 was the 23rd annual Kids Ocean Day Adopt-A-Beach Cleanup at Dockweiler State Beach in Playa Vista, California, and more than 4,000 Los Angeles students came together to clear the beach of trash and create an aerial art mosaic in the sand.

“Most of them already know that the trash on the street ends up in the ocean,” said Kids Ocean Day founder Michael Klubock. “Kids Ocean Day helps make them aware that they...

Amritsar, India: NGOs call for ban on plastic at schools, colleges

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Amritsar, May 27

The civil society and NGOs in the city have called for a ban on the usage of plastic bags on an institutional level as well to effectively weed out the problem. Despite the MC’s efforts to check the use of plastic bags and distribution of eco-friendly bags as a replacement, most shops are seen using them, without any discouragement.


“Even if you ask the shopkeepers to stop using them, they tell you otherwise. Most people also are not sensitised towards the harmful effects of the plastic bag...

Kathmandu: Government Toughens Ban on Plastic Bags

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May 29, 2016- The government has decided to toughen the plastic bag ban campaign in the country, considering its impact on human health, local environment and urban beauty. 

The budget for the fiscal year 2016-2017 unveiled on Saturday has stated that the import and export, sales, distribution and use of toxic plastic and polypropylene bags would not be allowed in the country. 

The government has instead encouraged the plastic manufacturers to move towards alternatives to plastics by providing waiver on Value Added Tax for the import...

Prepare for a summer of energetic debate about plastic bags

Prepare for a summer of energetic debate about plastic bags

Get ready. Athens City Council is poised to consider an ordinance – one that sets fees for using disposable plastic and paper bags at stores in the city – that likely will cook up a hot debate all summer.

As a news editor, I enjoy this sort of thing – a controversy that has consequences for the vast majority of citizens in the community, engages our readers, and generates an entertaining ruckus over a long period of time.

What’s not to like?

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