South Australia: Greens push to ban single-use plastic bags

LOCAL Ecobag co-ordinator Gina Lopez urges people to make a concious choice about their use of plastic bags as Greens MP Dr Mehreen Faruqi has called for the NSW Government to ban the single use of lightweight plastic bags.

Dr Faruqi said a Senate inquiry recommended that NSW ban the single use of plastic bags because of the overwhelming evidence it would be beneficial.

The ban would bring NSW up to speed with laws in South Australia, the Northern Territory, the ACT and Tasmania which already ban the single use of plastic bags.

However, the NSW Government has declared that a plastic bag ban is a low priority.

"The NSW Government has previously said it can't 'chew gum and walk' in implementing both a container deposit scheme and a plastic bag ban.

"Today's reports show both are essential," Dr Faruqi said.

Ms Lopez, from the Yamba-based EcoBag Media, says ultimately people need to bring their own bags when they go shopping.

"It's a really politicised argument - without the support and co-operation of big supermarkets, not much happens," she said.

"Consumer power is one of the biggest tools of activism that we have."

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